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An Interview: Sean-Paul Thomas

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Author, Sean-Paul Thomas in an interview, spoke to us about what makes him the create inspiring, heart-touching and sincere novels. He also told us how his writings cross-over over various genre at


What makes a novel stand out? Why a writer touches a reader’s consciousness more than the others? Why is the author, Sean-Paul Thomas a wonderful writer? I guess it emanates form his joie-de-vivre and his never-give-up attitude. No wonder, his novels have been recognized with award nominations, wow book reviews and excellent readership. Here are the excerpts.


Among the latest releases by author Sean-Paul Thomas are:  ‘The Fairy Boy of the Seven Seas: A Dark, Young Adult, Fantasy Adventure’ that released on March 23, 2017. ‘The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill 3 (The Fairy Boy Chronicles, #3) ‘ was released on June 1, 2017.


WeLoveQuality Books: Sean-Paul, I loved your novel The Old Man and the Princess. What drives you to write novels that touch a reader’s heart?

Sean-Paul Thomas: I just always try to write what I enjoyed reading and watching myself when I was younger. I like stories that are real and that people can resonate with, or have a certain familiarity with while reading them, but I also want them to have a touch of fantasy about them too.


WeLoveQuality Books: Tell us about your journey as a writer.

Sean-Paul Thomas: I started writing screenplays all through my twenties but never really had too much success with them. When I turned 30, I began rewriting those same screenplays as novels instead, and I’ve really enjoyed the process since. I think it’s improved my writing immensely to use some old screenplays as blueprints for more in-depth novels.


WeLoveQuality Books: How much did your background as a child from the army-background mold your writing style?

Sean-Paul Thomas: We used to travel around a lot, so my imagination was always running wild, trying to imagine the next place we were going to live in before we actually went there. It was hard too, always making friends every few years and going to so many different schools that I actually lost count. So sometimes I would rely on books to get me through the hard times of being alone while moving from base to base and settling down all over again.


WeLoveQuality Books: Of all the novels that you’ve written, which one do you most relate to?

Sean-Paul Thomas: I guess Sarah Smiles is the book I most relate too, as it is the book which is most personal and true to me and my family, growing up on one of the many army bases around the world that we lived on.


WeLoveQuality Books:  Have you ever faced the writer’s block? How have you coped with it, if you did?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Sometimes yeah. Going for a walk is good. Mediating is good too. Or just standing on your head for 30 seconds. LOL. What works best for me though is leaving half-finished sentences from where I last left off in a chapter, just so I can start writing a few words and sentences immediately, once I open up that unfinished book again.


WeLoveQuality Books: As a writer, I sometimes get so carried away by my day to day life, that I can’t put my creativity into writing. Other writers might be struggling in a similar fashion. What would be your advice for us?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Try and figure out what time of day you are at your most creative. Morning, afternoon or night? And put an hour aside to read through your own work and write a little too. Turn off the internet. Put your phone on silent or airplane mode, just to make sure there are no distractions and then just simply read through your own work and write too, if you can. Improve on that work and try to make it better.


WeLoveQality Books: The Old Man and the Princess was very well received. Please tell us about the awards.

Sean-Paul Thomas: Yes, it was nice to be nominated for my first award, even though it didn’t win, but it was still really cool all the same. It’s encouraged me now to spend more time on marketing the book further in the future and also to start entering some book competitions to try and boost my profile a little more this year.


WeLoveQuality Books: How about your new novel The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill? What can the readers expect from the novel?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Yeah, I just released part 3 there, so it’s continuing on from the first two books. The world is getting bigger and bolder and more adventurous, and more characters are being introduced too, so it is a challenge to keep track of what’s happening. But I’m having a lot of fun writing it and book 4 should be out later this year too.


WeLoveQuality Books: Some of your works are being adapted into screenplays. Isn’t it exciting to see your work in a different medium?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Yes, I’ve been adapting the books myself back into screenplays again and just slowly submitting them to different producers. I’ve had some good keen interest in a few of them, but it’s a long process, so I’m really hoping that one of them gets picked up this year.


WeLoveQuality Books: What do you think is the highlight of your writing career?

Sean-Paul Thomas: I’ve only been writing books for a couple of years now, so I hope all my best highlights are still yet to come, but getting some recognition for the old man and the princess was very personally pleasing.


WeLoveQuality Books: What are your other interests apart from writing?

Sean-Paul Thomas: I love traveling, hiking, following Scottish football and my team Hibernian FC of Edinburgh. I go to all their home matches. I love playing tennis too. I also used to be a rugby player in my twenties, but too many injuries forced me to give up playing, which I miss so much.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your work is relatable to a different audience and it makes an impact on everyone. How do you cross-over between different types of the audience when you write?

Sean-Paul Thomas: I just enjoy writing in many different genres. I know a lot of writers and readers prefer authors to write in just one particular genre, but I have so many different ideas that cross genres all the time that I just don’t care what people think anymore. If a story resonates with me and I feel really passionate about it and the story and the characters, then I will try to write it to the best of my ability, regardless if it is romance or a sci-fi, period, horror lol.


WeLoveQuality Books: Did you ever face failure in your profession? How did you overcome it?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Yes, all the time. Which is why I don’t just stop at writing one book. I want to write dozens so that my writing is always improving and getting better, and then I will assess where I am when I have around 20 or so books out. Nothing sells forever, so you have to keep coming up with new ideas, new stories, and new adventures and hope that one of them will pick up a good audience, which is why I have recently been getting into writing a series.


WeLoveQuality Books: Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Everywhere and from anything. Even just out walking in the mornings before I write. Sometimes a TV show or an interview I see on YouTube will inspire me, or even reading about some crazy story in the paper or on the local news, and I’m like, damn, that would make a good book.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us where we can get your wonderful work from? I am sure, the readers would want to read all your novels.

Sean-Paul Thomas: I can leave some links below, but mostly just from Amazon right now. But I hope to be able to create a website soon where I can sell them directly to readers from there too.

Amazon UK Author Page

Amazon US Author page


WeLoveQuality Books: Is there a blog or page, your fans can follow you on?

Sean-Paul Thomas: Yes, you can follow me on Facebook or Goodreads.

Goodreads Author Page

Facebook Author Page





Grivante Press- An Interview

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Grivante Press is here to talk to us at .


Publishing house gives birth to books and vindication to writers. They conceptualize the book size, the book cover, the marketing of the book, the target audience and more! We get so carried away by the storyline and the writing style that we sometimes forget to credit the Publishing firm that deliver the book see the light of the day.


We at are excited to share the tidings of the publishing world. Grivante Press will share how the world of publishing works. This is an interview that will let authors learn how to approach the right team to get published. Most importantly, it will give all the readers and writers a glimpse of the crew members who make a novel a shining star!


Kevin Penelerick is an author himself. He is the creator of Grivante Press as well. Let’s partake his vision as a publisher and what made him take up the challenge of providing a platform to writers across the world with the createion of Grivante Press.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us what the objective of Grivante Press is?

Kevin (Grivante Press): The objective of Grivante Press is to publish works of speculative fiction which is engaging and keeps the readers turning the pages.


WeLoveQuality Books: How did the idea of getting into publishing come about?

Kevin (Grivante Press): As I began my indie author career I knew that it would include doing more than just publishing my own books. I want to build a platform from which we can support and help other authors of similar work launch their careers.


Interviewed by
Genee Jo, Kevin Penelerick with a model @ Grivante Press Book Release.

WeLoveQuality Books: Please introduce us to the core team of Grivante Press?

Kevin (Grivante Press): At present we are a very small team consisting of myself, Kevin Penelerick as the publisher and editor, my wife, Genee Jo who does beta-reading and back end support and our marketing assistant Christina Moses.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your advertisements are striking and impressive. How is Grivante Press different from other publishing houses?

Kevin (Grivante Press): I don’t spend a lot of time looking to see what everyone else is doing, so I really can’t speak to how we are different. I do look to see what people are doing that is successful, to see if it is something that we might want to adopt, but for the most part, we are creating content we hope people will find interesting and putting it out into the world. Our focus is on building our authors up, marketing them and what makes them and their stories unique.


WeLoveQuality Books: Speculative Writing! What do you think is the psyche behind the shift of readers from Jane Austen-ish content to speculative content?

Kevin (Grivante Press): I would have to say it has to do with modern times and just how much consciousness and awareness has expanded. We are now aware of so much more that exists and the possibilities this opens up has created an environment where we are eager to see new ideas and where they will take us.


WeLoveQuality Books: As a publisher what are the three things that set apart an ordinary manuscript from a bestselling manuscript.

Kevin (Grivante Press):  ♦ It grabs your attention immediately.
                                                 ♦ It makes you want to turn the pages.
                                                 ♦ You don’t want to put it down.


WeLoveQuality Books: How many novels have you published from the time of inception? Please share some details about them.

Kevin (Grivante Press): We are still in the early stages and taking out time to grow and figure things out. We have 2 books out by myself under my pen name, Grivante. These are in The ‘Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators Series’. It is about two brothers and their girlfriend whose job it is to keep the zombie apocalypse at bay, one job at a time. It is a comedic-horror series, filled with action, adventure and laughs while dealing with an awkward romance between the three main characters and a hidden evil nemesis in the background that is slowly being revealed.
We also have a couple of comic projects that we have done and one more in the works for this fall. ‘The Blind Apple‘ is a collection of comic strips by artist Joey Masciotra we helped publish when we were first getting started. Joey has a unique sense of humor, making observations about the world and creating smart illustrations to go with them.


WeLoveQuality Books: Does Grivante Press specialize in Anthology?

Kevin (Grivante Press): No. At present, we only have the one (MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror), with plans for more possible down the road.


WeLoveQuality Books: Who is the brain behind all the phenomenal topics for submissions your firm comes up with?

Kevin (Grivante Press): That would be myself and my wife for the most part. Asking the question, what hasn’t been done that we would enjoy reading.


WeLoveQuality Books: Is Grivante Press particularly into adult stories or are you flexible about the target audience?

Kevin (Grivante Press): Under our mainline, the stories will predominantly be adult oriented. Not necessarily to the erotic level that the anthology ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’ goes to, but generally they won’t be for kids. We do also have a kids line in development under the ‘Star Kissed Studios Imprint’. Currently, there is one book published, titled ‘Guppy Butter’. It is an illustrated book about a little girl’s wish for a puppy, but what happens when her parents get her a guppy instead. It is an entertaining story that also teaches kids about loss and that life goes on.


WeLoveQuality Books: What are the yardsticks that your organization keeps in mind to measure audience reaction?

Kevin (Grivante Press): Sales & Reviews. Those are the most obvious and easiest to see. I’ve heard the advice to never look at reviews, but that’s the only way we know if the work is resonating with the audience. Is it being received how we thought it would be or are people taking it differently? There’s no better way to tell than to go read what people are saying.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is the procedure involved in selecting the best entries from submissions?

Kevin (Grivante Press): For ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’, Genee and I spent most winter evenings hanging out in our hot tub, reading the stories aloud. This process helped us to quickly weed out stories that weren’t a good fit. First, they had to catch our attention and make us want to keep turning the pages, next we would ask each other if they were hitting the themes we were looking for of Food, Sex, Horror & Humor. After that, we would generally make notes and send them back to their authors for revision and final consideration.


WeLoveQuality Books: MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror is an impressive anthology. How is the audience reaction?

Kevin (Grivante Press): So far it has been great. Sales have been steady even after the initial release spike and the reviews that are trickling in are mostly positive. We’ve had a few people that were offended by it, despite the warning labels and the fact that it was clearly called Twisted Erotic Horror, but we’ve done everything we can to make it clear so that the target market could find it and that readers would know what they were getting despite its uniqueness.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel to MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror?

Grivante Press: It’s been in the back of my mind since day one and there is a high likelihood of it, but at present, we don’t have specific plans in place. We might make it an annual anthology or we may try something new. As a small company our time and resources are limited, so we’ve got to make sure we can put the energy into a project that it is going to take to be successful.


WeLoveQuality Books: Where can prospective authors reach you with their manuscripts? Please share the guidelines for submission too.

Kevin (Grivante Press): Currently, we are not open for submissions. We will post on our web page at when that changes.


WeLoveQuality Books: What are the next few releases of Grivante Press?

Kevin (Grivante Press): We only have one project on the schedule at the moment as we have been busy working on marketing for ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’ and the release of ‘The Zee Brothers Vol.2′, ‘Zombie School Lockdown‘, both of which came out in April & May. Our next project is a mini-comic from The Zee Brothers universe tentatively titled Zombie Buffet that we hope to release this fall. We are also partnering with a number of authors in the zombie genre for an anthology to be released in November called ‘Undead Worlds’. This is part of the ‘Reanimated Writers Collective’,


WeLoveQuality Books: Please share your message of support with all aspiring writers.

Kevin (Grivante Press): More than anything, keep writing. Keep practicing your craft and start networking with other authors immediately. Learn from each other, support each other and know that readers read much faster than any of us can write, so work together to make sure your readers know where to go to find more great reads.


WeLoveQuality Books: Thank you so much for talking to us today. Please share your social media links where we- the book lovers can follow and support you.

Kevin (Grivante Press): Here is where you can find us:




Author Claire Gem for the interview with

Author’s Interview: Claire Gem

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Author Claire Gem released ‘Spirits of the Heart’ aptly on the 14th of February, 2017. In an exclusive interview with the author — Claire Gem reveals what makes her such a perceptive, honest and successful fiction writer!


Learn about the author, her writings and why it will take you a blink to become an ardent fan of Claire Gem and her thoughtfully touching authorship.


WeLoveQuality Books: Hi Claire. We loved your latest release “Spirits of the Heart“. How did you come up with such a lovely storyline?

Claire Gem: I grew up in the town where this abandoned asylum is, and it has always haunted me. I actually did date a security guard who worked on the grounds back in the 1970s, but it wasn’t Miller Stanford :–)
There is also an alcohol treatment center on the grounds, even today. Alcoholism isn’t a subject often broached by romance writers but is a very real problem in society. I thought I’d give it a go.


WeLoveQuality Books: What made you choose writing as a vocation?

Claire Gem: I have always loved to write, and the practice has served as therapy for me more than once in my life. But about ten years ago, I awoke on a Sunday morning very early with a story idea in my head, and I knew it was time to take writing seriously and put my words to work.


WeLoveQuality Books: All the reviews of ‘Spirits of the Heart‘ are a 5 Star. How does it feel when you know your work is being well received?

Claire Gem: Thrilled, of course. I am frustrated because the number of reviews remain small, yet I feel confident that the story will be well received no matter how many reviews are written. It’s very difficult to get people to take the time to write reviews, even if they love a book. I would like readers to know how very important it is for those reviews to go up: honest ones, for better or worse. It’s the only way our work can find a new audience.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is your second book in the Haunted series. What made you choose this genre?

Claire Gem: I love ghost stories, and there aren’t many in the romance genre. Most paranormal romances involve vampires, werewolves, or shape shifters, or are set in times past. I love the modern romances by Heather Graham (her Krewe of Hunters series is wonderful), and I’ve read every one of the late, great Barbara Michaels ghostly stories. I thought the reading world could use some more contemporary romances with ghost stories intertwined, so I started writing them.


WeLoveQuality Books: How is “Spirits of the Heart” different from your first book, “Hearts Unloched”?

Claire Gem: The two books are completely unrelated, even though they are part of what I call my Haunted Voices series. These books are (and will continue to be) linked purely by genre. Hearts Unloched takes place in a haunted hotel on a lake with a sinister history, and the heroine is psychic. SOTH takes place in a haunted asylum, and I have another book in the works set in yet another haunted asylum. Each book will center around a different location—a different haunted location. I love scouting out places to set my next Haunted Voices novel.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is the USP of “Spirits of the Heart” that makes us all love it?

Claire Gem: I believe the tackling of the subject of alcoholism makes SOTH unique. Also, the addressing of the subject of how patients in mental asylums were once treated or maltreated, is one not often woven into a storyline.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your novel expresses an affinity with the thought ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Do you believe the same in real life too?

Claire Gem: Absolutely. I live by this mantra. How did you guess? 😉


WeLoveQuality Books: The novel talks about medical malpractices in mental asylums. How much research went into it?

Claire Gem: Tons. My day job is in scientific research, so I am, by nature, a stickler for accuracy of facts. I usually spend several months researching before I write the first word. It’s amazing how a simple story idea can blossom and be fed by the facts I come up with in doing my research.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is amazing is how a love story develops so convincingly in a haunted scenario. How did you achieve it?

Claire Gem: Hauntings cause fear, and fear drives people closer together. I think fear was the initial draw between Miller and Laura, and by finding comfort in each other’s company, their love developed organically.


WeLoveQuality Books: We see the deep toll alcoholism takes in the lives of the characters. How were you able to delicately yet astutely tackle the issue in “Spirits of the Heart“?

Claire Gem: Personal experience. Alcoholism runs in my family, and several family members have been affected. So I knew how sensitive a subject it could be. That gave me the insight to handle the subject tactfully, yet honestly.


WeLoveQuality Books: Is there a third installment coming up in the Haunted Series?

Claire Gem: Oh yes. The next novel is underway, entitled “Pigments.” My heroine is a DNA researcher who possesses the unique ability to access the memories of artists whose DNA is embedded in the paint. She, therefore, has a phobia of art museums, since the voices she hears overwhelm her. My hero is a museum curator. How will that ever work? Guess you’ll have to wait until “Pigments” is released to find out, later this summer.


WeLoveQuality Books: You begin your novel with a touching dedication to your husband. Do you think as a writer, family support is imperative?

Claire Gem: Absolutely. His patience for the hours I spend over a keyboard is just the beginning. My husband serves as my initial sounding board for my story ideas. He helps me brainstorm. His encouragement and support help keep me going when my confidence—or my muse—falter.


WeLoveQuality Books: To take this question further, how do you think writers who have no support can pursue their dreams as a writer?

Claire Gem: I’m not sure—it depends on the individual, certainly. If someone is used to doing things on their own, they would probably do fine as a writer as long as they have the dedication behind them. But my husband and I have been a team for almost 39 years, so I can’t imagine sustaining any endeavor without his support.


WeLoveQuality Books: Writing is a complicated business. The challenges for a writer are immense. What was your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Claire Gem: My greatest challenge was overcoming the belief that unless I got picked up by a big, NY publisher, my writing wasn’t any good. But after securing contracts with four small publishers, I realized that the politics involved in the big publishing game was holding me back—not the quality of my work. When my first self-published title, Hearts Unloched, won the NY Book Festival, I was reassured that I could go on to sustain my writing career as an Indie author. Since I’m a control freak, this way suits me better anyway.


WeLoveQuality Books: Thank you for the wonderful conversation, Claire. Before we go, please share where we can find all your novels to read and buy. 

Claire Gem: Sure! Visit my Amazon Author Page:

You can also find me on my website, blog, and social media. I love hearing from my readers!


Blogs: and





Novels by Claire Gems for the interview with
Novels by Claire Gems




Book Review: Spellcaster Author: George Bachman ©

Interview: George Bachman

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George Bachman released ‘Spellcaster’ recently on.  In an exclusive interview with the author shares with us how he conceived ‘Spellcaster’ and more!

George Bachman, the author of Spellcaster has debuted with this adrenaline pumping fantasy thriller where there is friendship, blood ties, romance, mystery, adventure, action, and magic.

The power women along with their sense of loyalty are commendably portrayed in the novel.

‘Spellcaster’ leaves its readers spellbound and George Bachman while conversing with us, left us captivated with his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to his craft.

Learn more about the author, his novel and why you will totally enjoy reading Spellcaster through this interview with George Bachman.


WeLoveQuality Books: George, many Congratulations on the release of your book, ‘Spellcaster’. Please tell us more about it.

George BachmanThank you. ‘Spellcaster’ concerns Christine Daniel, a debutante on the verge of adulthood in an alternate fin de siècle England. She is suffering a debilitating illness caused by paranormal visions in which she sees a young man in danger. During the London Season her older sister Allie, the family heir, searches the English aristocracy for a husband while she seeks answers among magic practitioners and grimoires in the occult underground.
Unfortunately for Christine, the only witch who can help her is an aristocrat whose infamous affair with the impoverished Lord Serton has lowered her social standing. Lady Kinloss sees the opportunity and takes it. She won’t help Christine unless Christine cajoles Allie into marrying Serton so that the illicit pair can share Allie’s inheritance. Christine has to choose between betraying her beloved sister and saving her own life.


WeLoveQuality Books: An urban fantasy must me a tough genre. What made you take up the challenge?

George Bachman: Once I thought up the story I felt compelled to follow it through to completion no matter how hard it was.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is the first thing that came to me while I was reviewing ‘Spellcaster’. Do you believe in magic, witches, and wizards?

George Bachman: Not literally, though I’d like to think there are things out there science will never be able to collate and explain. Magic is as good a name for those things as any.


WeLoveQuality Books: There is an extensive detail about the spells that the characters cast in ‘Spellcaster’. Did you have to research to get the verbatim for the spells or did you create them yourself? I must say, they sound really authentic!

George Bachman: Yes, I researched extensively some of the grimoires Christine would have used, including The Lesser Key of Solomon and The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. I changed what I had to for clarity and to fit the narrative, but only as little as possible.


WeLoveQuality Books: What event/s in your life would you say were truly magical?

George Bachman: Aside from discovering my favorite writers (Austen, Mark Helprin, John Crowley, Cao Xueqin, Lady Murasaki among others), I particularly remember the first time I saw the opening scene of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Millennium Mambo.  That long, languorous take follows Shu Qi through the tunnel while hypnotic music plays and her voiceover tells us how ten years ago her bad choices nearly destroyed her but she escaped.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ is a novel set in two different historic periods. How much research did go into it?

George Bachman: Quite a bit. Besides the occult stuff, most of the social details of Christine’s and Sir Tomas’s worlds that aren’t obviously fantasized (like the rulership of Louis’s domain) are accurate.


WeLoveQuality Books: The novel flows from one genre to another seamlessly. What were the things you kept in mind to maintain continuity?

George Bachman: I wrote out Sir Tomas’s story in full, then composed Christine’s and used the parts of the first that I needed.

WeLoveQuality Books: Who is your favorite author and why?

George Bachman: Shakespeare. I wouldn’t say he invented the human, but he seems to be at least as comprehensive as any other author and he certainly combines the most beautiful poetry with his insight.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your novel portrays the strength and courage of women. Will you say your novel is a gift to every woman to realize her true potential?

George Bachman: I never thought of it as a gift, since I take those traits for granted in women. But if it’s taken that way, I’m pleased.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ shows a genuine warmth and bond between the siblings and cousins. Did any of your own family gatherings (as a child, teenager or adult) inspire you to show such a positive familial relationship?

George Bachman: Maybe earlier in my life. Mostly, the warmth happened organically as the writing progressed and the characters took on a life of their own.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think Christine will find love?

George Bachman: If she can find someone who can keep up with her intellect, I think she will.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel to ‘Spellcaster’?

George Bachman: No. But if another idea ever comes up, you never know.


WeLoveQuality Books: Apart from writing what else are you passionate about?

George Bachman: Anime, Asian art cinema, particularly the Taiwanese new wave, and independent film in general.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about your other creations apart from your latest one.

George Bachman: My next book will be a historical fantasy in a very different vein from this one.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is very interesting! Where can we get your books from?

George Bachman: Spellcaster is the only one out right now; the next book should be out sometime next year. Spellcaster is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and most other retailers that carry e-books.

We Interview Craig Pomranz

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‘Made By Raffi’ — An Interview with Craig Pomranz.

‘Made by Raffi’ is a touching children’s book by Craig Pomranz with illustrations from Margaret Chamberlain.

The hymn ‘Pass it on’ sings, ‘It only takes a spark to get the fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing…’ That is how you will feel when you read this warm interview by Craig Pomranz the proud author of ‘Made by Raffi’. Soon you will be passing on, sharing this interview with your friends and loved ones and then ordering the book for your children, little cousins, young relatives and also for yourself.

Made by Raffi is for children, young adults, and older adults. Anyone who will pick up the book will remember how feeling different (which everyone does at some point of time or another) isn’t too bad after all.

Deservingly Made by Raffi has been nominated for the Little Rebel Children’s Book Award as well.


Learn more about the author, his novel and why it is important to read Made by Raffi through this interview with Craig Pomranz.


WeLoveQuality Books: Craig, the title of your story Made by Raffi sounds interesting! What is it about?

Craig PomranzIt is the story of a young boy who feels different at school, and even more so when he discovers he likes to knit and sew.  He learns how to be comfortable in his own skin and also learns that if you have confidence in who you are, others will accept you. It sounds like a serious message, but it is a funny and entertaining story!



WeLoveQuality Books: What motivated you to write this novel?

Craig Pomranz: The story is inspired by an incident with my godson.  He came home from school one day, feeling really out of sorts and when his mother told me what he was going through and how he felt different I knew it was a story that had to be told.  After all, haven’t all of us felt different at some time? 



WeLoveQuality Books: How has the book been received around the world?

Craig PomranzThe positive feedback has been amazing!  I have learned not only how powerful a children’s book can be, but how we are all basically the same – the messages in the book cross all cultures. The book is available in 11 countries and eight languages to date.



WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think we as writers have a voice to change preset mindsets?

Craig Pomranz: I don’t believe we can fundamentally change people, but I do think we can help people evolve and awaken the good in their hearts. People of all ages experience feelings of alienation, so when they are reminded how it feels they might treat the outcast more kindly. That’s something writers do best — remind us what we already know.



WeLoveQuality Books: Did you personally witness bullying at school when you were a child?

Craig PomranzHaven’t we all?  I was teased as a child. I performed professionally from a very young age.  I didn’t play team sports, and that brought on negative attention, too.  But, like Raffi, as people saw how committed I was to my art, they started to respect me.  Having the support of family and friends was extremely important.



WeLoveQuality Books: How did it change you as a person?

Craig Pomranz: As an outsider, I was sensitive to others being teased and bullied.  If I could, I tried to be supportive of the one being bullied.  Even as a relatively shy person, this helped me engage with people more. It felt like the right thing to do and somehow pushed me, even if it wasn’t easy.



WeLoveQuality Books: What is the next project you are working on?

Craig PomranzI’m working on several more books that I hope will empower children.  I have also been in talks about a television show for and by children that I am really excited about.  I continue to travel the world singing in clubs and will release another CDsoon.



WeLoveQuality Books: Please share some of the reader’s feedbacks that made you feel that your efforts were worthwhile?

Craig PomranzI hear from children and adults from all over the world.  Sometimes I’m sent adorable pictures of children knitting.  One of my prized possessions is a drawing a little girl from Korea sent me of a cape she thought Raffi should make.  One of the first emails I received was from a man in Istanbul:

Today I enjoyed to preorder your beautiful and meaningful children book for my cousin.  Especially here inTurkey we need to learn respect to the one who is different than us. Thanks for your effort to make the world a better place to live.”

Other exciting developments:

  • Composers Amanda McBroom (Bette Midler’s “The Rose”) and Michele Brourman (The Land Before Time) read the book and were inspired to write a song “Different” for me to sing. Link here: Different

  • Oprah’s guru Geneen Roth (Women Food and God) wrote: “I wanted you all to know about this one…although he is bullied, he really does stay true to himself — and it all comes around in the end. So touching.”    

  • A donor has given 75 books to the Archdiocese of New York Catholic grade schools for their libraries.


WeLoveQuality Books: How did you balance the fun element of the book with the pertinent message it tries to convey?

Craig Pomranz: Margaret Chamberlain‘s illustrations really help to keep the messages playful.  Also, I really tried to speak to children as they speak to one another.  Finally, Raffi never sees himself as a victim so the book is never sad, instead, he keeps on smiling and knitting and the others learn to love him.



WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell our readers why Made By Raffi is a must buy?

Craig PomranzNo one can completely prevent bullying.  Instead, we must find a way to help our children find self-assurance so they can avoid becoming victims. Made by Raffi can help parents and teachers start a conversation about tolerance, how it feels to be bullied and how to cope when you feel “different.”  This is also good for those who may be the bullies.  For them to see their behavior and learn empathy and embrace our differences.  I hear from parents of bullies, that it helps them understand and hopefully to empathize and find a different way to interact. 


It is available on Amazon:

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