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Ron Button Shares his Thoughts

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While most of us ‘Book Beings’ were cashing in on the last few lines of romantic novels, Ron wasn’t! Our Author Ron Button was creating a ripple in the heart of art with his beautiful verses. Ron’s uniqueness as a writer is that he communicates his stories through verse. This gives his poems an unusual, beautiful charm. Something we can happily call a lyrical delight. Here are the experts of our interview on the topic ‘How to become a Poet.” with the Author.


WeLoveQuality Books: You have described your Work as ‘Rhapsody’. What do you mean by that in terms of your writing?


Ron Button: “Rhapsody: What is life without rhapsody. Real or fantasy, someone’s idea of world history.”


WLQ Books: And what do you think, are the qualities that a poet must have among others to touch lives?


R B: To be a poet, one must desire a subject,there is no right or wrong. Or possibly there is a scholar who will tell me what is wrong.
Century’s of prose and rhyme sheltered in books, while others lose their breath, and die.
As a child, little rhymes interested me, a few got me in trouble, so I stopped. (Ron says with a chuckle and continues)
In 1996, from love and jealousy, a star is born.


WLQ Books: Please read out some extracts of your favorite work.


RB:  Why not!


Sunshine Blossom.

As the wind would blow,shifting flowers in the breeze.
The pollen of one circle thru the air,like the waves of the seas.
Quickly it floated,exploring each open gate.
Always anticipating, making the choices, till it found the right mate.
As the particle of life embedded itself firmly.
It left a promise,a great commitment,of a being well worthy.
The restless seed shuffling, wanting to be more.
The breeze lifted it,planted it in God’s bed,now a reason to live for.
The roots and reason,although fragile and weak.
Pushing deeper,growing stronger,till the sprout reached the peak.
While resting and gazing,the sprout saw it’s first light.
With wonder,filling with nourishment,till it saw it’s the first night.
With each passing day,sprout turned to stem.
Virgin petals,innocent figure,beauty would soon set in.
Growing ever so rapidly, reaching for the light.
As spring left,summer came,a bud sprung upward in delight.
Stretching little by little, petals of red and yellow.
First outward,then inward, like the motion of bellows.
Quietly it motioned, in splendor it felt.
Places to go,things to see,much to be felt.
For the first time,confused with inspiration.
A bed of roses, a field of carnations, the thought of creation.
The thankful ones,the harmful masks.
In matter,the causes,to deal with the task.
A Confection is the purpose, maturity, the battle.
To live,to grasp,God and Satan rock the cradle.
With love and hate, she learns in awesome.
To appreciate, to comfort, to be…
Sunshine Blossom.

By Ron G. Button ©2000

WLQ Books: What a wonderful poem! Please tell us more about your literary journey.


RB: “This poem began the journey that produced over 100 more poems and metaphors to relive what I titled, ” My Simple Thoughts”  ©2000.
Years pass, the pages sit in a folder, until 2011, when a smile of an online profile inspired me. Extravagant would be the word used to define her. Confident.  I sent my poem, and cashmere surrounded me.”


WLQ Books: This is romantic and inspiring Ron!


RB: “Inspiration is key: A closed mind ignores the obvious reality that times change, and minds change. When I researched to write a book about “Sunshine Blossom”, words of RUMI, guided me to Persia, to then to Pardis (in my imagination).
Ever feel pressured to write something new every day? Once I began thinking  what I was writing about, I didn’t have to think, words flowed through my mind onto paper.”


WLQ Books: What makes you stand out as a poet Ron?


RB: I’ve never been to college, attended writing workshops, I even failed English in high school, but I’ve seen the world with an open mind. My poetry has introduced me to all walks and cultures on the earth.

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2 thoughts on “Ron Button Shares his Thoughts

  1. My absolute favourite poet of all times is Ron Button, without even a milli second of doubt! My favourite way of reading his poetry is reading with my ears, with my eyes closed and the feeling of riding on a Unicorn through the sceneries that Ron describes. It’s the best kind of Meditation I’ve ever experienced, Ron’s voice do give his words wings! Ron’s a very special person, special in so many good ways, I could write a trioligy with books as thick as piles of bricks and all the words in them books still wouldn’t be enough to give Ron justice. With all of my heart, I recommend you to read what Ron has to say to the World! ❤️

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I so agree with you. Ron has that untarnished eyes of seeing the world and his poetry gives me hope, every time I read his work. And yes, he is a hidden pearl in this world of literature. People have to read his work, to see a world of rainbows and dazzles, the world of the Unicorn- pure and resplendent.

    WeLoveQualityBooks love Ron Button.


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