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Robert Skuce, Crime/ Thriller and More!

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Interview with Robert Skuce -author of ‘Kiss of Death’
Author Robert Skuce talks about his gripping crime/thriller ‘Kiss of Death’ with us at


The story is a crime thriller set in Canada. The events in the storytelling adds a suspense that is unfathomable. Moreover, Robert Skuce talks about how he got into writing novels and what makes him continue spinning such incredibly edgy stories!
The more you read the interview, the more you will realize how engaging the author’s conversation style is, his crisp use of words, his passion for his craft, his dedication to his family and his patriotism for his homeland. A good writer is good not only because of the tales they invent but also for the honesty with which they convey an idea. Robert Skuce will definitely deliver a convincing narrative for you in ‘Kiss of Death‘.

And we must say the review for the book makes us want to go pick up the novel now for a good read!
Robert Skuce, the author of ‘Kiss of Death’ has a story to tell.

Learn more about the author, the novel with us. Here is the interview with the author Robert Skuce to remind you why you definitely need to grab a copy of ‘Kiss of Death.’



WeLoveQuality Books: Hi Robert! Thank you for the interview. How did writing happen to you?

Robert Skuce: I cant say it “happened” to me. It was something I always thought I would be good at. I believed I had at least one good book in me. As I attempted to reach that goal, I discovered how much I love writing and now I do it all the time.


WeLoveQuality Books: What made you choose crime/thriller the genre to reach your audience?

Robert Skuce: It was actually my wife who got me into writing thriller/crime style novels. I wrote a different book and she commented how I would be good at it and I gave it a try. Turned out, I loved it.


WeLoveQuality Books: When you develop a storyline, are there certain parameters you keep in mind as a thriller/crime writer?

Robert Skuce: I try to use characters that are relatable. So, I don’t want any characters to be perfect, but rather for each to have flaws. Then as I write, I try to create many twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are your stories based in and around Canada? Or do your characters travel the world?

Robert Skuce: My stories are primarily based in Canada. I tis what I know. I want to write what I know so that it is as realistic as possible. I sometimes will adopt some other countries, but Canada is my home and what I write about.


WeLoveQuality Books: The title of your latest book ‘Kiss of Death’ is catchy! Please tell us more about it.

Robert Skuce: This book is about a serial killer named Kiss of Death by the police. It is in context to his signature. The book will leave you guessing as you read it, as it is not your typical crime/thriller story.


WeLoveQuality Books: Who character would you say is your personal favorite in ‘Kiss of Death’ and why?

Robert Skuce: I loved writing Ashley. He was a unique character with a warped vision of what love looks like. I enjoyed writing his character because he was the wild card.

WeLoveQuality Books: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Robert Skuce: I usually just spend time with my family, watch television and work around the house. My day job is in IT, so I spend a lot of time working on computers.


WeLoveQuality Books: The plot of ‘Kiss of Death’ is so interesting that it can be developed into a movie. Any plans for that?

Robert Skuce: I’m open to the possibility. I haven’t really considered it, but am more than willing to see where the book can go.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel or prequel to ‘Kiss of Death’?

Robert Skuce: Not a sequel or prequel, no. I do plan on using some of the characters in other books. Like Ashley Truelove will have a series of books that will develop him, but each novel will be independent.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think it is imperative to add a disclaimer to a crime novel, although the readers are well aware that it is a work of fiction?

Robert Skuce: Not really. I would hope that the readers are aware of what they are getting into when they pick up a crime novel. I do like to inform my readers if anything is too graphic, though that usually isn’t the case.

WeLoveQuality Books:  Are there any more of your creations that are awaiting release? What can the readers look forward to?

Robert Skuce: Yes, I am currently working on Hunting Grounds. Logan Lupus will be in this book and it will be an interesting story that mimics a popular real life crime from the past, with my own twists of course. However, the plot itself will be different from what really happened in real life and it will not be that particular crime, but more similar to a copy cat.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you remember any fan mail or message that you will cherish forever?

Robert Skuce: I treasure all the mails and feedbacks that my readers give me. I take constructive criticism with the same enthusiasm as I do the compliments.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about your other published novels?

Robert Skuce: Shh, it’s secret. You will have to find out. However, I will tell you they are as interesting and twisted as Kiss of Death.


WeLoveQuality Books: Where can we purchase ‘Kiss of Death’ and other books written by you from?

Robert Skuce: You can find “Kiss of Death” on most online retailers. It is available on Amazon, Smashwords and a large handful of others.

You can find out more about the author on


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