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Book Review: Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1) by S Pearce.

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Title: Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1)

Author: S Pearce

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Number of pages: 116 pages


ISBN: 1974168883


S Pearces novel Mo is a literary delight. The plot is intricate. For not even a second, did my interest as a reader waver while reading the book! In fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about Mo, his friend and his family ever since I’ve read Mo, a novel by S Pearce.


Author S Pearces Mo delves into the mind of a young child. It shows how a child who is brought in a strict environment with lots of restrictions either gets bullied or becomes a bully. We see young Mo transform from a student from an in-confident, withdrawn and scared child into a promising and confident student. But the book leaves us wondering if the sheen of transformation is temporary. Did Mo succumb to an inferiority complex that changed his life and that of the others? Or was it religious propaganda?


The novel Mo touches on the recurrent concern of bullying and social discrimination at school. It talks about the effects of an upbringing that is based on fear in a closed society. The novel also touches upon how vulnerable children/people can be brainwashed into becoming a pawn of terrorism.


The novel talks about the problems of the elderly, especially loneliness. The author subtly and beautifully hints of how important it is for the children to interact with the elderly. How such interactions turn out to be mutually beneficial for both the generations. The author S Pearce also touches upon how the synergy between the two generations, is a learning experience for the child and a teaching opportunity for the elderly.


Children from sheltered family backgrounds have trouble making judgments. They get carried away mostly due to a lack of adequate social interaction. The novel Mo tells us why the parents should stop being over-protective. What if it is too late? What if there is no turning back?


Author S Pearce has written a crisp and beautiful book. He understands the psyche of the students and that of the adults. Every bit of the book is relatable and appealing. The similes and metaphors take the novel to the next level. The plot is tight and engrossing.


On a personal note, I read this book Mo, a couple of months back but for personal reasons, I couldn’t get on to write the review for Mo immediately. Not one day has passed since I’ve read the book that I’ve not thought about the novel and its characters.


S Pearces novel Mo has left a lasting impression on my mind. This novel is for every parent and every child. This novel is for the teachers, the psychologists, the elderly and everyone else.


It would be a shame to lose out on reading such a wonderful novel. S Pearces novel Mo deserves nothing but the best. 5 stars!


Mo (The Spotlight Tales #1)Mo by S. Pearce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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