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Interview: George Bachman

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George Bachman released ‘Spellcaster’ recently on.  In an exclusive interview with the author shares with us how he conceived ‘Spellcaster’ and more!

George Bachman, the author of Spellcaster has debuted with this adrenaline pumping fantasy thriller where there is friendship, blood ties, romance, mystery, adventure, action, and magic.

The power women along with their sense of loyalty are commendably portrayed in the novel.

‘Spellcaster’ leaves its readers spellbound and George Bachman while conversing with us, left us captivated with his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to his craft.

Learn more about the author, his novel and why you will totally enjoy reading Spellcaster through this interview with George Bachman.


WeLoveQuality Books: George, many Congratulations on the release of your book, ‘Spellcaster’. Please tell us more about it.

George BachmanThank you. ‘Spellcaster’ concerns Christine Daniel, a debutante on the verge of adulthood in an alternate fin de siècle England. She is suffering a debilitating illness caused by paranormal visions in which she sees a young man in danger. During the London Season her older sister Allie, the family heir, searches the English aristocracy for a husband while she seeks answers among magic practitioners and grimoires in the occult underground.
Unfortunately for Christine, the only witch who can help her is an aristocrat whose infamous affair with the impoverished Lord Serton has lowered her social standing. Lady Kinloss sees the opportunity and takes it. She won’t help Christine unless Christine cajoles Allie into marrying Serton so that the illicit pair can share Allie’s inheritance. Christine has to choose between betraying her beloved sister and saving her own life.


WeLoveQuality Books: An urban fantasy must me a tough genre. What made you take up the challenge?

George Bachman: Once I thought up the story I felt compelled to follow it through to completion no matter how hard it was.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is the first thing that came to me while I was reviewing ‘Spellcaster’. Do you believe in magic, witches, and wizards?

George Bachman: Not literally, though I’d like to think there are things out there science will never be able to collate and explain. Magic is as good a name for those things as any.


WeLoveQuality Books: There is an extensive detail about the spells that the characters cast in ‘Spellcaster’. Did you have to research to get the verbatim for the spells or did you create them yourself? I must say, they sound really authentic!

George Bachman: Yes, I researched extensively some of the grimoires Christine would have used, including The Lesser Key of Solomon and The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. I changed what I had to for clarity and to fit the narrative, but only as little as possible.


WeLoveQuality Books: What event/s in your life would you say were truly magical?

George Bachman: Aside from discovering my favorite writers (Austen, Mark Helprin, John Crowley, Cao Xueqin, Lady Murasaki among others), I particularly remember the first time I saw the opening scene of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Millennium Mambo.  That long, languorous take follows Shu Qi through the tunnel while hypnotic music plays and her voiceover tells us how ten years ago her bad choices nearly destroyed her but she escaped.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ is a novel set in two different historic periods. How much research did go into it?

George Bachman: Quite a bit. Besides the occult stuff, most of the social details of Christine’s and Sir Tomas’s worlds that aren’t obviously fantasized (like the rulership of Louis’s domain) are accurate.


WeLoveQuality Books: The novel flows from one genre to another seamlessly. What were the things you kept in mind to maintain continuity?

George Bachman: I wrote out Sir Tomas’s story in full, then composed Christine’s and used the parts of the first that I needed.

WeLoveQuality Books: Who is your favorite author and why?

George Bachman: Shakespeare. I wouldn’t say he invented the human, but he seems to be at least as comprehensive as any other author and he certainly combines the most beautiful poetry with his insight.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your novel portrays the strength and courage of women. Will you say your novel is a gift to every woman to realize her true potential?

George Bachman: I never thought of it as a gift, since I take those traits for granted in women. But if it’s taken that way, I’m pleased.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ shows a genuine warmth and bond between the siblings and cousins. Did any of your own family gatherings (as a child, teenager or adult) inspire you to show such a positive familial relationship?

George Bachman: Maybe earlier in my life. Mostly, the warmth happened organically as the writing progressed and the characters took on a life of their own.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think Christine will find love?

George Bachman: If she can find someone who can keep up with her intellect, I think she will.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel to ‘Spellcaster’?

George Bachman: No. But if another idea ever comes up, you never know.


WeLoveQuality Books: Apart from writing what else are you passionate about?

George Bachman: Anime, Asian art cinema, particularly the Taiwanese new wave, and independent film in general.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about your other creations apart from your latest one.

George Bachman: My next book will be a historical fantasy in a very different vein from this one.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is very interesting! Where can we get your books from?

George Bachman: Spellcaster is the only one out right now; the next book should be out sometime next year. Spellcaster is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and most other retailers that carry e-books.



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