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Book Review: The Leftover

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Title: The Leftover
Author: Brooke Williams
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Date of publication: September 1, 2017
Number of Pages: 264
ISBN-10: 1945448040
ISBN-13: 978-1945448041


The Leftover‘ is a scintillating romantic comedy penned by author Brooke Williams.


A young, promising, talented and lonely girl Megan Malone unwillingly accepts the offer of participating in a reality show. She has had high expectations love. Yet, she has no hope of finding the perfect one.


Her social incompetency burdens her. Megan’s fear of facing the new world shackles her. Her love for her sister works as an indefatigable impetus. It empowers her to challenge her social awkwardness, her physical limitations- to bloom as a more confident person.


Cane Trevino is irresistible! Every girl swoons over him. Every guy is awed by his personality, kindness, and charm. Cane hides a deep hurt! He has withdrawn from the world. Albeit, the world beckons him. Does he have the strength to break free from the pain?


‘The Leftover’ delivers realistic characters, original situations and a love story throbbing with happy possibilities. The other people in the novel add zing, fire, hatred, laughter, and adventure!


The storyline is compact, engrossing and believable. The novel underlines basic values that bring out the integrity of humanity. The happy-go-lucky novel, ‘The Leftover’ was seriously a fun read! ‘The Leftover‘ is unputdownable. I read it in 36 hours- straight.


Volunteering to review ‘The Leftover’ by Brooke Williams was an absolute pleasure. The novel has given me the courage to believe that love lasts as do friendships. ‘The Leftover‘ reiterates the conviction that goodness exists irrespective of nefarious intentions and callous people infesting our environment.


My rating for ‘The Leftover’ by Brooke Williams is the perfect score of 5 stars! I guess it will be nice to alternatively rate ‘The Leftover’ with 5 hearts- ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


The LeftoverThe Leftover by Brooke Williams

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Grivante Press- An Interview

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Grivante Press is here to talk to us at .


Publishing house gives birth to books and vindication to writers. They conceptualize the book size, the book cover, the marketing of the book, the target audience and more! We get so carried away by the storyline and the writing style that we sometimes forget to credit the Publishing firm that deliver the book see the light of the day.


We at are excited to share the tidings of the publishing world. Grivante Press will share how the world of publishing works. This is an interview that will let authors learn how to approach the right team to get published. Most importantly, it will give all the readers and writers a glimpse of the crew members who make a novel a shining star!


Kevin Penelerick is an author himself. He is the creator of Grivante Press as well. Let’s partake his vision as a publisher and what made him take up the challenge of providing a platform to writers across the world with the createion of Grivante Press.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us what the objective of Grivante Press is?

Kevin (Grivante Press): The objective of Grivante Press is to publish works of speculative fiction which is engaging and keeps the readers turning the pages.


WeLoveQuality Books: How did the idea of getting into publishing come about?

Kevin (Grivante Press): As I began my indie author career I knew that it would include doing more than just publishing my own books. I want to build a platform from which we can support and help other authors of similar work launch their careers.


Interviewed by
Genee Jo, Kevin Penelerick with a model @ Grivante Press Book Release.

WeLoveQuality Books: Please introduce us to the core team of Grivante Press?

Kevin (Grivante Press): At present we are a very small team consisting of myself, Kevin Penelerick as the publisher and editor, my wife, Genee Jo who does beta-reading and back end support and our marketing assistant Christina Moses.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your advertisements are striking and impressive. How is Grivante Press different from other publishing houses?

Kevin (Grivante Press): I don’t spend a lot of time looking to see what everyone else is doing, so I really can’t speak to how we are different. I do look to see what people are doing that is successful, to see if it is something that we might want to adopt, but for the most part, we are creating content we hope people will find interesting and putting it out into the world. Our focus is on building our authors up, marketing them and what makes them and their stories unique.


WeLoveQuality Books: Speculative Writing! What do you think is the psyche behind the shift of readers from Jane Austen-ish content to speculative content?

Kevin (Grivante Press): I would have to say it has to do with modern times and just how much consciousness and awareness has expanded. We are now aware of so much more that exists and the possibilities this opens up has created an environment where we are eager to see new ideas and where they will take us.


WeLoveQuality Books: As a publisher what are the three things that set apart an ordinary manuscript from a bestselling manuscript.

Kevin (Grivante Press):  ♦ It grabs your attention immediately.
                                                 ♦ It makes you want to turn the pages.
                                                 ♦ You don’t want to put it down.


WeLoveQuality Books: How many novels have you published from the time of inception? Please share some details about them.

Kevin (Grivante Press): We are still in the early stages and taking out time to grow and figure things out. We have 2 books out by myself under my pen name, Grivante. These are in The ‘Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators Series’. It is about two brothers and their girlfriend whose job it is to keep the zombie apocalypse at bay, one job at a time. It is a comedic-horror series, filled with action, adventure and laughs while dealing with an awkward romance between the three main characters and a hidden evil nemesis in the background that is slowly being revealed.
We also have a couple of comic projects that we have done and one more in the works for this fall. ‘The Blind Apple‘ is a collection of comic strips by artist Joey Masciotra we helped publish when we were first getting started. Joey has a unique sense of humor, making observations about the world and creating smart illustrations to go with them.


WeLoveQuality Books: Does Grivante Press specialize in Anthology?

Kevin (Grivante Press): No. At present, we only have the one (MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror), with plans for more possible down the road.


WeLoveQuality Books: Who is the brain behind all the phenomenal topics for submissions your firm comes up with?

Kevin (Grivante Press): That would be myself and my wife for the most part. Asking the question, what hasn’t been done that we would enjoy reading.


WeLoveQuality Books: Is Grivante Press particularly into adult stories or are you flexible about the target audience?

Kevin (Grivante Press): Under our mainline, the stories will predominantly be adult oriented. Not necessarily to the erotic level that the anthology ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’ goes to, but generally they won’t be for kids. We do also have a kids line in development under the ‘Star Kissed Studios Imprint’. Currently, there is one book published, titled ‘Guppy Butter’. It is an illustrated book about a little girl’s wish for a puppy, but what happens when her parents get her a guppy instead. It is an entertaining story that also teaches kids about loss and that life goes on.


WeLoveQuality Books: What are the yardsticks that your organization keeps in mind to measure audience reaction?

Kevin (Grivante Press): Sales & Reviews. Those are the most obvious and easiest to see. I’ve heard the advice to never look at reviews, but that’s the only way we know if the work is resonating with the audience. Is it being received how we thought it would be or are people taking it differently? There’s no better way to tell than to go read what people are saying.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is the procedure involved in selecting the best entries from submissions?

Kevin (Grivante Press): For ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’, Genee and I spent most winter evenings hanging out in our hot tub, reading the stories aloud. This process helped us to quickly weed out stories that weren’t a good fit. First, they had to catch our attention and make us want to keep turning the pages, next we would ask each other if they were hitting the themes we were looking for of Food, Sex, Horror & Humor. After that, we would generally make notes and send them back to their authors for revision and final consideration.


WeLoveQuality Books: MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror is an impressive anthology. How is the audience reaction?

Kevin (Grivante Press): So far it has been great. Sales have been steady even after the initial release spike and the reviews that are trickling in are mostly positive. We’ve had a few people that were offended by it, despite the warning labels and the fact that it was clearly called Twisted Erotic Horror, but we’ve done everything we can to make it clear so that the target market could find it and that readers would know what they were getting despite its uniqueness.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel to MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror?

Grivante Press: It’s been in the back of my mind since day one and there is a high likelihood of it, but at present, we don’t have specific plans in place. We might make it an annual anthology or we may try something new. As a small company our time and resources are limited, so we’ve got to make sure we can put the energy into a project that it is going to take to be successful.


WeLoveQuality Books: Where can prospective authors reach you with their manuscripts? Please share the guidelines for submission too.

Kevin (Grivante Press): Currently, we are not open for submissions. We will post on our web page at when that changes.


WeLoveQuality Books: What are the next few releases of Grivante Press?

Kevin (Grivante Press): We only have one project on the schedule at the moment as we have been busy working on marketing for ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’ and the release of ‘The Zee Brothers Vol.2′, ‘Zombie School Lockdown‘, both of which came out in April & May. Our next project is a mini-comic from The Zee Brothers universe tentatively titled Zombie Buffet that we hope to release this fall. We are also partnering with a number of authors in the zombie genre for an anthology to be released in November called ‘Undead Worlds’. This is part of the ‘Reanimated Writers Collective’,


WeLoveQuality Books: Please share your message of support with all aspiring writers.

Kevin (Grivante Press): More than anything, keep writing. Keep practicing your craft and start networking with other authors immediately. Learn from each other, support each other and know that readers read much faster than any of us can write, so work together to make sure your readers know where to go to find more great reads.


WeLoveQuality Books: Thank you so much for talking to us today. Please share your social media links where we- the book lovers can follow and support you.

Kevin (Grivante Press): Here is where you can find us:




Book Review: Mashed

Book Review: MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror

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Title: MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror

Authors: Grivante, Eddie Generous, Stephen McQuiggan, Darle Dimmelle, John Grey, Nicholas Paschall, Mark Daponte, J. Donnait, Brandon Ketchum, Alex Colvin, Maxine Kollar, Cobalt Jade, Steven Carr, R.A. Goli, Calypso Kane, Devon Widmer and Jaap Boekestein.
Publisher: Grivante Press
Date of publication: April 25, 2017
Number of Pages: 286
ISBN: 1626760144


MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror is an Adult Anthology published by Grivante Press.

The Publishing House received 200 Submissions of which they have selected 17 authors from across the world. The writers of Mashed have come up with an assortment of dark humor and steamy horror. The Anthology is flavored with epicurean flourishes.


The sequence of the short stories is well planned and perfectly executed.


MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror begins with a witchy romance; progresses to an obsessive tale. The book meanders from supernatural romance to supernatural revenge. The content of the novel moves into paranormal, culinary love, to hilarity, and many more genre’.


My picks from the anthology are A Woman’s Corn (By J. Donnait), Biscuit (By Grivante), Burnt Scrambled Eggs (By Devon Widmer) and Stray (By Calypso Kane).


The Disagreeable Dinner (By Mark Daponte) was quirky at its best. The other dinner short story The Wrath of the Buttery Bastard Taters (By Alex Colvin) was crazy, beastly fun!


Sauce (By Steven Carr) is probably the most horrific short story that I have ever read! I think this story will haunt me forever!


On a rainy boring weekend where all your friends are busy. Searching for out-of-the-box fun while enjoying alone time? ‘MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror’ is the perfect choice!


Volunteering to review the novel was definitely an impactful experience.


I will give 5 Star to MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror for its original content. Analyzing MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror on reader’s engagement, I will give the anthology 3 Stars.


I give a Comprehensive Rating of 3 Stars to MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror.




MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic HorrorMASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror by Grivante
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Author Claire Gem for the interview with

Author’s Interview: Claire Gem

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Author Claire Gem released ‘Spirits of the Heart’ aptly on the 14th of February, 2017. In an exclusive interview with the author — Claire Gem reveals what makes her such a perceptive, honest and successful fiction writer!


Learn about the author, her writings and why it will take you a blink to become an ardent fan of Claire Gem and her thoughtfully touching authorship.


WeLoveQuality Books: Hi Claire. We loved your latest release “Spirits of the Heart“. How did you come up with such a lovely storyline?

Claire Gem: I grew up in the town where this abandoned asylum is, and it has always haunted me. I actually did date a security guard who worked on the grounds back in the 1970s, but it wasn’t Miller Stanford :–)
There is also an alcohol treatment center on the grounds, even today. Alcoholism isn’t a subject often broached by romance writers but is a very real problem in society. I thought I’d give it a go.


WeLoveQuality Books: What made you choose writing as a vocation?

Claire Gem: I have always loved to write, and the practice has served as therapy for me more than once in my life. But about ten years ago, I awoke on a Sunday morning very early with a story idea in my head, and I knew it was time to take writing seriously and put my words to work.


WeLoveQuality Books: All the reviews of ‘Spirits of the Heart‘ are a 5 Star. How does it feel when you know your work is being well received?

Claire Gem: Thrilled, of course. I am frustrated because the number of reviews remain small, yet I feel confident that the story will be well received no matter how many reviews are written. It’s very difficult to get people to take the time to write reviews, even if they love a book. I would like readers to know how very important it is for those reviews to go up: honest ones, for better or worse. It’s the only way our work can find a new audience.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is your second book in the Haunted series. What made you choose this genre?

Claire Gem: I love ghost stories, and there aren’t many in the romance genre. Most paranormal romances involve vampires, werewolves, or shape shifters, or are set in times past. I love the modern romances by Heather Graham (her Krewe of Hunters series is wonderful), and I’ve read every one of the late, great Barbara Michaels ghostly stories. I thought the reading world could use some more contemporary romances with ghost stories intertwined, so I started writing them.


WeLoveQuality Books: How is “Spirits of the Heart” different from your first book, “Hearts Unloched”?

Claire Gem: The two books are completely unrelated, even though they are part of what I call my Haunted Voices series. These books are (and will continue to be) linked purely by genre. Hearts Unloched takes place in a haunted hotel on a lake with a sinister history, and the heroine is psychic. SOTH takes place in a haunted asylum, and I have another book in the works set in yet another haunted asylum. Each book will center around a different location—a different haunted location. I love scouting out places to set my next Haunted Voices novel.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is the USP of “Spirits of the Heart” that makes us all love it?

Claire Gem: I believe the tackling of the subject of alcoholism makes SOTH unique. Also, the addressing of the subject of how patients in mental asylums were once treated or maltreated, is one not often woven into a storyline.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your novel expresses an affinity with the thought ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Do you believe the same in real life too?

Claire Gem: Absolutely. I live by this mantra. How did you guess? 😉


WeLoveQuality Books: The novel talks about medical malpractices in mental asylums. How much research went into it?

Claire Gem: Tons. My day job is in scientific research, so I am, by nature, a stickler for accuracy of facts. I usually spend several months researching before I write the first word. It’s amazing how a simple story idea can blossom and be fed by the facts I come up with in doing my research.


WeLoveQuality Books: What is amazing is how a love story develops so convincingly in a haunted scenario. How did you achieve it?

Claire Gem: Hauntings cause fear, and fear drives people closer together. I think fear was the initial draw between Miller and Laura, and by finding comfort in each other’s company, their love developed organically.


WeLoveQuality Books: We see the deep toll alcoholism takes in the lives of the characters. How were you able to delicately yet astutely tackle the issue in “Spirits of the Heart“?

Claire Gem: Personal experience. Alcoholism runs in my family, and several family members have been affected. So I knew how sensitive a subject it could be. That gave me the insight to handle the subject tactfully, yet honestly.


WeLoveQuality Books: Is there a third installment coming up in the Haunted Series?

Claire Gem: Oh yes. The next novel is underway, entitled “Pigments.” My heroine is a DNA researcher who possesses the unique ability to access the memories of artists whose DNA is embedded in the paint. She, therefore, has a phobia of art museums, since the voices she hears overwhelm her. My hero is a museum curator. How will that ever work? Guess you’ll have to wait until “Pigments” is released to find out, later this summer.


WeLoveQuality Books: You begin your novel with a touching dedication to your husband. Do you think as a writer, family support is imperative?

Claire Gem: Absolutely. His patience for the hours I spend over a keyboard is just the beginning. My husband serves as my initial sounding board for my story ideas. He helps me brainstorm. His encouragement and support help keep me going when my confidence—or my muse—falter.


WeLoveQuality Books: To take this question further, how do you think writers who have no support can pursue their dreams as a writer?

Claire Gem: I’m not sure—it depends on the individual, certainly. If someone is used to doing things on their own, they would probably do fine as a writer as long as they have the dedication behind them. But my husband and I have been a team for almost 39 years, so I can’t imagine sustaining any endeavor without his support.


WeLoveQuality Books: Writing is a complicated business. The challenges for a writer are immense. What was your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Claire Gem: My greatest challenge was overcoming the belief that unless I got picked up by a big, NY publisher, my writing wasn’t any good. But after securing contracts with four small publishers, I realized that the politics involved in the big publishing game was holding me back—not the quality of my work. When my first self-published title, Hearts Unloched, won the NY Book Festival, I was reassured that I could go on to sustain my writing career as an Indie author. Since I’m a control freak, this way suits me better anyway.


WeLoveQuality Books: Thank you for the wonderful conversation, Claire. Before we go, please share where we can find all your novels to read and buy. 

Claire Gem: Sure! Visit my Amazon Author Page:

You can also find me on my website, blog, and social media. I love hearing from my readers!


Blogs: and





Novels by Claire Gems for the interview with
Novels by Claire Gems




'The Big 10 Paleo....' Author: Megan Flynn Peterson

Book Review: The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook

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'The Big 10 Paleo....' Author: Megan Flynn Peterson Book Review by
‘The Big 10 Paleo….’
Author: Megan Flynn Peterson

Title: The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook

Author: Megan Flynn Peterson

Publisher: Rockridge Press

Date of publication: May 9, 2017

Number of Pages: 190

ISBN-10: 1623158966

ISBN-13: 978-1623158965


The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook by Megan Flynn Peterson is a cookbook for keeps.


Vegetable Noodles always amazed me! I tried unsuccessfully to create a variety Paleo dishes because I knew only a few recipes that worked for me. It was always my dream to cook crunchy scrumptious noodle-like vegetable dishes.


The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook answered all my doubts and introduced me to the beautiful world of healthy eating. I even purchased a Spiralizer to get the dishes right!


Megan Flynn Peterson works with difficult vegetables like turnips and beet. Beets are one of my chosen vegetables. I have always had beetroot cut into slices with a dash of lemon and some salt. I have sometimes imagined using the beautiful red beet differently. This cookbook made it possible for me! Now I can make a variety of tasty dishes with beetroot. I loved the recipe for Quick-Pickled Beet Noodles and the variation with Beet and Carrots. Beet Pasta with Lemon-Butter Sauce turned out to be very delicious.


Tahini is again a difficult ingredient to inculcate in food. It usually goes with Humus and not more, for me. I magically found the Carrot Noodle Salad with Tahini-Lime Dressing in the cookbook. I have made the dish a number of times now.


Sweet Potato Cincinnati Chilli, Grilled Salmon Zoodles marinated in Olives and Artichokes, Veggie Chow Fun with Egg, Cinnamon Honey Roasted Carrot Noodles, Rainbow Carrot Curly Fries, and Carrot Noodle Egg Drop Soup are all super delicious dishes that The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook elaborates.


Most of the dishes in the cookbook – The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook come with variations. The modifications in the instructions allow new cooks as well as cooking experts to try out more variety while cooking.


 Megan Flynn Peterson shares her input on blades, vegetables, and cooking technique simply and effectively. For a new user of Spiralizer or for someone fresh at Paleo diet, using new equipment with different vegetables can be tricky. Megan Flynn Peterson guides her readers with the vegetable and Spiralizer blade combination; blade and cooking technique combination; vegetable, equipment and cooking technique that will work with each recipe.


The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook is a definitive guide to Paleo cooking – a must have! This book totally deserves a round of applause, drooling slurps, tasty second helpings, and 5 stars.


The Big 10 Paleo Spiralizer Cookbook: 10 Vegetables to Noodle, 100 Healthy Spiralizer Recipes, 300 Variations

Spirits of the Heart Author: Claire Gem Reivewd by

Book Review: Spirits of the Heart

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Title: Spirits of the Heart (Haunted Voices Book 2)

Author: Claire Gem

Publisher: Erato Publishing

Date of publication: February 14, 2017

Number of Pages: 322


Store: Kindle


Spirits of the Heart by Claire Gem is a Haunted/Ghost novel set in Middletown, New York.

Laura Horton finds herself abandoned by her school friend, on the porch of Miller’s house. Miller a security officer who works at the Middletown Psychiatric Center is nothing like she had imagined. Miller Sanford’s abruptness disturbs her. Armoured with a raw masculinity and good looks he perturbs her more!


Ignoring the persistent urge to return to North Carolina, Laura joins The Alcoholic Rehab Center as a Therapist. The eerie view of an ancient graveyard from her room adds to Laura’s discomfiture! The office premise piques her inquisitiveness.


Miller is equally unhappy with the unexpected circumstances. She reminds him of a wound that Laura’s school friend inflicted on him recently. He tries his best to avoid Laura, yet a strong magnetism that draws him to her!


As Laura and Miller unravel their enforced proximity, certain occurring shakes their equanimity.


Brought together by fate, Laura and Miller commit to help a child spirit. In the process, Laura is able to overcome her abandonment issues and Miller is able to conquer his dark past. Together, the two start a beautiful journey that will stay with the readers ceaselessly.


To find out if they are able to help the little sprite, read Spirits of the Hearts!


Author Claire Gem tackles issues of family ties, alcoholism, medical malpractices, homelessness, and trust, beautifully throughout the novel. The emphasis on all these concerns is interestingly merged with the storyline. This novel is un-put-down-able. Each line, every page of the story will pulsate the reader’s curiosity. The tempo of the book is- undiluted suspense. At no point can the reader guess how it all would turn out.


Spirits of the Heart is engrossing!


Judiciously set as a haunted novel, Spirits of the Heart explores the unknown – the paranormal. Spirits of the Heart encourages the readers to unravel mysteries rather than to succumb to fear. The feeling: ‘everything happens for a reason’ is appropriately predominant throughout the novel.


Every reader will appreciate their loved ones a lot more after a read of Spirits of the Heart by Clare Gems!


Spirits of the Heart most definitely deserves a 5 Star!


Book Review: ©



Spirits of the HeartSpirits of the Heart by Claire Gem
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Book Review: Spellcaster Author: George Bachman ©

Interview: George Bachman

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George Bachman released ‘Spellcaster’ recently on.  In an exclusive interview with the author shares with us how he conceived ‘Spellcaster’ and more!

George Bachman, the author of Spellcaster has debuted with this adrenaline pumping fantasy thriller where there is friendship, blood ties, romance, mystery, adventure, action, and magic.

The power women along with their sense of loyalty are commendably portrayed in the novel.

‘Spellcaster’ leaves its readers spellbound and George Bachman while conversing with us, left us captivated with his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to his craft.

Learn more about the author, his novel and why you will totally enjoy reading Spellcaster through this interview with George Bachman.


WeLoveQuality Books: George, many Congratulations on the release of your book, ‘Spellcaster’. Please tell us more about it.

George BachmanThank you. ‘Spellcaster’ concerns Christine Daniel, a debutante on the verge of adulthood in an alternate fin de siècle England. She is suffering a debilitating illness caused by paranormal visions in which she sees a young man in danger. During the London Season her older sister Allie, the family heir, searches the English aristocracy for a husband while she seeks answers among magic practitioners and grimoires in the occult underground.
Unfortunately for Christine, the only witch who can help her is an aristocrat whose infamous affair with the impoverished Lord Serton has lowered her social standing. Lady Kinloss sees the opportunity and takes it. She won’t help Christine unless Christine cajoles Allie into marrying Serton so that the illicit pair can share Allie’s inheritance. Christine has to choose between betraying her beloved sister and saving her own life.


WeLoveQuality Books: An urban fantasy must me a tough genre. What made you take up the challenge?

George Bachman: Once I thought up the story I felt compelled to follow it through to completion no matter how hard it was.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is the first thing that came to me while I was reviewing ‘Spellcaster’. Do you believe in magic, witches, and wizards?

George Bachman: Not literally, though I’d like to think there are things out there science will never be able to collate and explain. Magic is as good a name for those things as any.


WeLoveQuality Books: There is an extensive detail about the spells that the characters cast in ‘Spellcaster’. Did you have to research to get the verbatim for the spells or did you create them yourself? I must say, they sound really authentic!

George Bachman: Yes, I researched extensively some of the grimoires Christine would have used, including The Lesser Key of Solomon and The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. I changed what I had to for clarity and to fit the narrative, but only as little as possible.


WeLoveQuality Books: What event/s in your life would you say were truly magical?

George Bachman: Aside from discovering my favorite writers (Austen, Mark Helprin, John Crowley, Cao Xueqin, Lady Murasaki among others), I particularly remember the first time I saw the opening scene of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Millennium Mambo.  That long, languorous take follows Shu Qi through the tunnel while hypnotic music plays and her voiceover tells us how ten years ago her bad choices nearly destroyed her but she escaped.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ is a novel set in two different historic periods. How much research did go into it?

George Bachman: Quite a bit. Besides the occult stuff, most of the social details of Christine’s and Sir Tomas’s worlds that aren’t obviously fantasized (like the rulership of Louis’s domain) are accurate.


WeLoveQuality Books: The novel flows from one genre to another seamlessly. What were the things you kept in mind to maintain continuity?

George Bachman: I wrote out Sir Tomas’s story in full, then composed Christine’s and used the parts of the first that I needed.

WeLoveQuality Books: Who is your favorite author and why?

George Bachman: Shakespeare. I wouldn’t say he invented the human, but he seems to be at least as comprehensive as any other author and he certainly combines the most beautiful poetry with his insight.


WeLoveQuality Books: Your novel portrays the strength and courage of women. Will you say your novel is a gift to every woman to realize her true potential?

George Bachman: I never thought of it as a gift, since I take those traits for granted in women. But if it’s taken that way, I’m pleased.


WeLoveQuality Books: ‘Spellcaster’ shows a genuine warmth and bond between the siblings and cousins. Did any of your own family gatherings (as a child, teenager or adult) inspire you to show such a positive familial relationship?

George Bachman: Maybe earlier in my life. Mostly, the warmth happened organically as the writing progressed and the characters took on a life of their own.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think Christine will find love?

George Bachman: If she can find someone who can keep up with her intellect, I think she will.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel to ‘Spellcaster’?

George Bachman: No. But if another idea ever comes up, you never know.


WeLoveQuality Books: Apart from writing what else are you passionate about?

George Bachman: Anime, Asian art cinema, particularly the Taiwanese new wave, and independent film in general.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about your other creations apart from your latest one.

George Bachman: My next book will be a historical fantasy in a very different vein from this one.


WeLoveQuality Books: This is very interesting! Where can we get your books from?

George Bachman: Spellcaster is the only one out right now; the next book should be out sometime next year. Spellcaster is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and most other retailers that carry e-books.



Book Review: Spellcaster Author: George Bachman ©

Book Review: Spellcaster

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Book Review: Spellcaster Author: George Bachman ©
Book Review: Spellcaster
Author: George Bachman

Title: Spellcaster

Author: George Bachman

Publisher: Sublime Ltd.

Date of publication: April 3, 2017

Number of pages: 262

E-Book ISBN: 978-0-9908990-2-0

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Spellcaster by George Bachman is a Historical/Fantasy/Paranormal & Urban novel set in the Victorian era (1837-1901).


The protagonist Christine and her sisters arrive at their family friend’s residence- The Marble’s. Christine, Allison, and Natalie are the debutants of the year. While the sisters and their friends are busy searching for a suitable husband, Christine searches for those who haunt her in her lucid dreams.

Christine has a strong ESP. Gradually her dreams turn into nightmares!


Several times, the sixteen-year-old, has out-of-body experiences. Our strong heroine hides her physical and mental turmoil from her sisters and family. Sometimes Natty, who shares the room with Christine, feels that her sister needs help. Christine, however, convinces her, every time with her wit that she is completely fine.


As the dreams become more lucid, frightening and recurrent, the young lady decides to unearth the cause of it all.


Christine uses her talent as an occultist to unearth her past- life- experiences eclipsing her present life. She uses magic and some amounts of selfishness to find her lost friend from the other life. Christine succeeds but is riddled with guilt for sacrificing Allie’s happiness and future.

Christine and her friend use astral projection to return as people of their previous lives- to France. Here we are introduced to the Spellcaster. Christine, who was a knight in the twelfth century, takes us on a high-voltage adventure and to a grand finale.


The novel is engaging. There are a lot of magical rituals which arouse different sensory experiences. There is a Jane Austin-ish feeling to the novel initially that completely flips into an action fantasy. The narrative moves into different genres deftly. The battle techniques are frightening, exciting and exhilarating to read. The reader is left to wonder if the magic can be as powerful! It’s amazing!

The conclusion to the book is befitting for the strong Knights of Spellcaster. The only thing that I missed was how Christine’s life turned out. Maybe, George Bachman, the author has a sequel planned. It would be nice to see Christine, her sisters, and her friend whom she found after terrible endeavor get a just story of their own.

I would give Spellcaster 3.5 Stars and will implore all fantasy lovers to definitely read George Bachman’s spellbinding novel.

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interview with Robert Skuce

Robert Skuce, Crime/ Thriller and More!

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Interview with Robert Skuce -author of ‘Kiss of Death’
Author Robert Skuce talks about his gripping crime/thriller ‘Kiss of Death’ with us at


The story is a crime thriller set in Canada. The events in the storytelling adds a suspense that is unfathomable. Moreover, Robert Skuce talks about how he got into writing novels and what makes him continue spinning such incredibly edgy stories!
The more you read the interview, the more you will realize how engaging the author’s conversation style is, his crisp use of words, his passion for his craft, his dedication to his family and his patriotism for his homeland. A good writer is good not only because of the tales they invent but also for the honesty with which they convey an idea. Robert Skuce will definitely deliver a convincing narrative for you in ‘Kiss of Death‘.

And we must say the review for the book makes us want to go pick up the novel now for a good read!
Robert Skuce, the author of ‘Kiss of Death’ has a story to tell.

Learn more about the author, the novel with us. Here is the interview with the author Robert Skuce to remind you why you definitely need to grab a copy of ‘Kiss of Death.’



WeLoveQuality Books: Hi Robert! Thank you for the interview. How did writing happen to you?

Robert Skuce: I cant say it “happened” to me. It was something I always thought I would be good at. I believed I had at least one good book in me. As I attempted to reach that goal, I discovered how much I love writing and now I do it all the time.


WeLoveQuality Books: What made you choose crime/thriller the genre to reach your audience?

Robert Skuce: It was actually my wife who got me into writing thriller/crime style novels. I wrote a different book and she commented how I would be good at it and I gave it a try. Turned out, I loved it.


WeLoveQuality Books: When you develop a storyline, are there certain parameters you keep in mind as a thriller/crime writer?

Robert Skuce: I try to use characters that are relatable. So, I don’t want any characters to be perfect, but rather for each to have flaws. Then as I write, I try to create many twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are your stories based in and around Canada? Or do your characters travel the world?

Robert Skuce: My stories are primarily based in Canada. I tis what I know. I want to write what I know so that it is as realistic as possible. I sometimes will adopt some other countries, but Canada is my home and what I write about.


WeLoveQuality Books: The title of your latest book ‘Kiss of Death’ is catchy! Please tell us more about it.

Robert Skuce: This book is about a serial killer named Kiss of Death by the police. It is in context to his signature. The book will leave you guessing as you read it, as it is not your typical crime/thriller story.


WeLoveQuality Books: Who character would you say is your personal favorite in ‘Kiss of Death’ and why?

Robert Skuce: I loved writing Ashley. He was a unique character with a warped vision of what love looks like. I enjoyed writing his character because he was the wild card.

WeLoveQuality Books: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Robert Skuce: I usually just spend time with my family, watch television and work around the house. My day job is in IT, so I spend a lot of time working on computers.


WeLoveQuality Books: The plot of ‘Kiss of Death’ is so interesting that it can be developed into a movie. Any plans for that?

Robert Skuce: I’m open to the possibility. I haven’t really considered it, but am more than willing to see where the book can go.


WeLoveQuality Books: Are you planning a sequel or prequel to ‘Kiss of Death’?

Robert Skuce: Not a sequel or prequel, no. I do plan on using some of the characters in other books. Like Ashley Truelove will have a series of books that will develop him, but each novel will be independent.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you think it is imperative to add a disclaimer to a crime novel, although the readers are well aware that it is a work of fiction?

Robert Skuce: Not really. I would hope that the readers are aware of what they are getting into when they pick up a crime novel. I do like to inform my readers if anything is too graphic, though that usually isn’t the case.

WeLoveQuality Books:  Are there any more of your creations that are awaiting release? What can the readers look forward to?

Robert Skuce: Yes, I am currently working on Hunting Grounds. Logan Lupus will be in this book and it will be an interesting story that mimics a popular real life crime from the past, with my own twists of course. However, the plot itself will be different from what really happened in real life and it will not be that particular crime, but more similar to a copy cat.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you remember any fan mail or message that you will cherish forever?

Robert Skuce: I treasure all the mails and feedbacks that my readers give me. I take constructive criticism with the same enthusiasm as I do the compliments.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about your other published novels?

Robert Skuce: Shh, it’s secret. You will have to find out. However, I will tell you they are as interesting and twisted as Kiss of Death.


WeLoveQuality Books: Where can we purchase ‘Kiss of Death’ and other books written by you from?

Robert Skuce: You can find “Kiss of Death” on most online retailers. It is available on Amazon, Smashwords and a large handful of others.

You can find out more about the author on


Author’s Interview: Alistair Cross

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Interview for interviewed the very popular and appreciated author Alistair Cross.

Believe us! We loved every moment of it! It is one thing to read a novel and a completely different journey to know the author. Alistair Cross candidly discussed what drives him to write; the perks of writing The Angel Alejandro, the challenges, the emotions that his characters evoked in him and more! After this interview we from are a part of the author’s official fan club.

This is not all, we must confess that the review for The Angel Alejandro makes us want to go pick up the novel right away for a good read!

“The Angel Alejandro is as lush and ethereal as it is visceral and unholy. The author had me rooting ….. With masterful pacing, Cross brings a small mystery to a raging boil ….. His exquisite prose drew me into the story as if I were living it. Highly recommended.” QL Pearce, author of the Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs series, and Spine Chillers: Hair-Raising Tales

“Alistair Cross’s THE ANGEL ALEJANDRO is an intriguing tale…..with surprising shifts and changes.” – New York Times Bestseller, Dianna Love.

Dont forget to grab a copy of your own. 

Author Alistair Cross talked about his fantastic Urban Fantasy ‘The Angel Alejandro’ and we are excited to share the excerpts.

WeLoveQuality Books:
 Alistair, many Congratulations on the release of your book, “The Angel Alejandro”. Please tell us more about it.

Alistair Cross: The Angel Alejandro is about an angel on a mission to save a woman’s life. He ends up with amnesia after crash-landing to earth during a severe storm. As he tries to uncover his lost identity, his latent supernatural powers begin tipping the natural balance, drawing the attention of dark entities who want to harvest his soul – and wreak havoc among the townspeople while they’re at it.


WeLoveQuality Books: How did writing happen to you?

Alistair Cross: First, I have to say I really like the wording of that question, because that’s how it seems – like writing is something that happens to you. I love it.
To answer the question, writing happened to me after I’d come out of a very dark and difficult period in my life. It caused me to reevaluate my priorities and ask myself what would truly make me happy. I always knew that I wanted to do something artistic. I’ve never really been comfortable with classic male definitions. I’m not athletic, I can’t fix a car, and I’d rather read a book than watch a ballgame. So I’d already tried my hand in a few of the arts. But it always came back to writing for me. That was the only thing that allowed me full, endless expression. After taking a hard honest look at what I really wanted from life. I made the very simple decision to fully commit myself to writing.


WeLoveQuality Books: An urban fantasy must me a tough genre. What made you take up the challenge?

Alistair Cross: I never thought about it one way or the other. I don’t really “do” genre. The Angel Alejandro is an urban fantasy simply because that’s what “they” say it is. I don’t plot as much as some writers. I enjoy discovering the story on the page as I write it, so I never sit down and say I’m going to write a horror novel, or a romance novel, or any kind of a novel. I just sit down and let the characters tell me their story; I often feel more like a scribe than an author. I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but there’s no better way to explain it.


WeLoveQuality Books: We have met some authors who hate reading while there are others who love it! Which category do you fall into?

Alistair Cross: I absolutely love reading and for me, reading and writing are mutually exclusive. My love of reading inspires me to write and my love of writing makes me want to keep reading. I’m not sure I could do one without the other.


WeLoveQuality Books: Who is your favorite author?

Alistair Cross: That’s impossible to answer. I have many favorites who thrill me in different ways. I love the beauty and darkness of Anne Rice, the atmospheric prowess of Tamara Thorne, the razor-sharp plotting of Michael Crichton, the horror of Stephen King, the psycho-sexy badass-ness of Laurell K. Hamilton, and the Oh-No-You-Didn’t shockers of V.C. Andrews, just to name a few.


WeLoveQuality Books: Did you have to do a lot of research for ‘The Angel Alejandro’? What were the tools that you used?

Alistair Cross: I did do a lot of research. Some of it was pretty tame, such as reading up on demonology and learning about rock collecting, guitar playing, and hairdressing, but some of it required a little more involvement.
In the book, there’s a nightclub called Mephistopheles, where antagonist Gremory Jones and his team of demons have taken up shop. Mephistopheles is a strip club that incorporates a lot of magic tricks into the shows. It allows the bad guys to show off their demonic prowess while seducing and corrupting the locals. To get the atmosphere of this club down, I spent a lot of time in strip joints watching performances and making friends with the dancers.
It felt a lot more like play than work and the best part was that I got to write off the money I spent as business and research expenses. It’s pretty tough being a writer …


WeLoveQuality Books: Who are the central characters of the novel ‘The Angel Alejandro’ and which one among them do you like the most?

Alistair Cross: The Angel Alejandro is a character-dense novel, but the core players are Madison O’Riley, a young business owner who wants a simple life despite the mystifying hand she’s recently been dealt; Nick Grayson, the new chief of police who’s desperately trying to outrun his past and change the course of his future; Beverly Simon, a recently-divorced psychic who finds herself on the battleground of good and evil; and of course, Alejandro, the handsome and unusually naive young man who has no memory of his past. Also, there’s Gremory Jones, a Victorian-attired door-to-door retailer who sells sin from a briefcase, spreading fear and breeding corruption while setting a sinister trap to ensnare the amnesiac angel, Alejandro. Of the many players in this novel, Gremory Jones and Alejandro are my favorites, for very different reasons.
Writing the character of Alejandro was unique because his role in this story (and the fact that he has amnesia), made it impossible for me to go digging into his past to figure him out. I had to deal with him in the present moment, learning about him as he made his way through the pages and allowing him to reveal his nature to me at his own pace. One of the first things I realized about him is that, above all else, he’s a hero – someone with such a fierce sense of right and wrong that he literally loses himself trying to amend the injustices he sees around him. This made him incredibly compelling to me because I think we all sometimes fantasize about taking justice into our own hands.
Another part of Alejandro that I love is his youthful innocence. Because he’s new to the human experience, when I stepped into Alejandro’s skin, I had to look at the world from a fresh perspective. I had to wonder what he might think of contemporary clothing, of modern architecture and technology. I learned that he loves television – especially reality TV singing competitions – and is baffled by cell phones and social media. He also isn’t fond of wearing clothing of any kind. I found these things enchanting, and writing Alejandro was a lot like going back to my own childhood and re-experiencing things for the first time.
My other favorite character is Gremory Jones. When I wrote this book, I really wanted to create something that would take the reader away from ordinary life, and if I succeeded in that, it’s because of Gremory and his gang of infernal accomplices. Gremory was created in a blaze of spontaneity about a year and a half before I began The Angel Alejandro. I knew right away what he was like and what he did. I knew he wore a top hat and a trench coat, shiny black shoes, and that he smoked from a long black cigarette holder. I also knew that he was a true lunatic and that allowed me to go wild, which I love. I wrote him with manic intensity, always eager to see the next trick he had up his sleeve – or rather, in his briefcase. But by the time I’d finished the novel, I felt I’d only scratched his surface and upon completion, I immediately began another book (a series of books, actually) that will allow me to dive more deeply into him.
Gremory is a trickster and, to me, he represents illusion. I also think he’s a metaphor for greed. He hails from the California town of Moonfall (the fictional setting for Tamara Thorne’s novel of the same name, which she graciously allowed me to incorporate into Gremory’s life story.) He looks human, speaks like a human and, at times, is even handsome and charming – but under the mask, he’s a monster. He’s both dashing and seductive and heinous and corrupt. This is because – as it is in the real world – fantasy and reality are very different things. You finally get what you want and it costs you everything you care about. You prick your finger admiring the rose. The sanctuary becomes the asylum. This is what Gremory Jones signifies for me, and as a writer, the possibilities of that are endless. There’s no way I could possibly contain him to just one novel.


WeLoveQuality Books: What would you say is the USP of your latest novel?

Alistair Cross: I’d say this novel’s unique selling point is its blend of fantasy, horror, comedy, and romance. At its heart, it’s a story about the battle between good and evil and while I expressed that in the most straightforward way (angels and demons) I wanted to surround that theme with more unconventional elements. The Angel Alejandro also deals in demons of the personal variety, such as alcoholism, envy, greed, and obsession. I set it in a quiet little tourist trap in California called Prominence, which I thought would be the perfect breeding ground for an outbreak of evil.


WeLoveQuality Books: How is ‘The Angel Alejandro’ being received around the world?

Alistair Cross: Overall, very well. There’s always some fear that when your book goes out to meet its audience, it will be received with negative – or worse, indifferent – responses, but I’ve been lucky with Alejandro. I’m grateful to have such kind readers. It’s always a risk when you draw outside of the lines and deviate from the proven formula – and Alejandro is a definite deviation – but I think it’s important to stay true to yourself as an author, regardless of how you think it might be received.


WeLoveQuality Books: Do you believe in Angels and Devils? And do you believe that there is a God watching over us?

Alistair Cross: This is a difficult question because it’s a complicated topic and no matter how I answer, I run the risk of alienating readers – so I have to start off by stating that my opinions on the subject are just that: my opinions. I respect all points of view and am not interested in influencing, demeaning, or challenging anyone else’s beliefs.
Do I believe in God? Simply put, yes, I do. I have to – and not because I’m afraid of eternal damnation if I say I don’t, but because, the world as I see it is too complex, too unlikely, and too precise to be explained away by any means other than something orderly and intelligent. Intelligent is a key word here because while I don’t subscribe to a religion of any variety, the critical part of my mind can’t accept that the universe ebbs and flows according to accidental, mindless energy that just so happens to operate so efficiently that it can support millions of forms of life. For me, it seems oversimplified – absurd, even – to think that our bodies, our minds, our lives and our planet are all just happy accidents.
As I see it, our very existence is proof of God, and if you don’t believe you’ve ever seen a “miracle,” learn about how your body works – it’s simply too remarkable to be uncalculated, or go stare at the sky and try to imagine what’s out there, where it ends, and where it begins. On a general basis, I take these things for granted, and that’s perfectly natural, but when I slow down and really look at what’s around me, I can’t help thinking there must be something behind the curtain.
As for devils and demons, no – I’m not a believer, and this is one of the difficulties I have with conventional religion. It puts far too much focus on evil for my taste. On one hand, they tell you, “Speak of the devil and the devil appears,” and on the other hand, they want to continually remind you that the same devil is lurking around every corner, eager to tempt you into the evildoing that will ultimately cost you your immortal soul. And that doesn’t hold with me for a few reasons. Firstly, to be honest, the concept of an incorporeal being who spends his eternal days vying for the souls of mortals is a little too silly for my sensibilities, and secondly, because I think life is daunting enough as it is, without the need for more created fear. And supposing the devil does exist, a fear-based life isn’t a life I want to live. So, if there is such thing as a devil, I have no relationship to him and no consciousness of him, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
In my writing life, however, it’s a different story. Angels and demons are wonderful literary tools because they represent the battle between good and evil which is a part of our history, of our daily lives. Personally, I measure good and evil according to a sense of inner-directed morality, and in my work, I’m able to tap directly into that well of emotional, spiritual, and psychological material through age-old symbols that are easily recognized by the masses.

WeLoveQuality Books: When you write, are there times the thought process makes you emotional? How do you handle the outburst of feeling?

Alistair Cross: I believe in writing by instinct and by going as deep as you can into whatever emotion you’re confronted with, and often, this leads to discomfort. I’ve written things that have made me emotional, yes, and sometimes it’s difficult to get through the scene. An example of this from The Angel Alejandro would be when my heroine, Madison O’Riley, is very nearly sexually assaulted by a local cop who’s developed an obsession with her.
I felt this scene was pivotal in order to turn the corners the plot needed to turn, but as I was writing it, I found myself uneasy about it. There are certain things I close the door on – things I won’t walk the reader through – and sexual abuse is one of them. A part of this is because I don’t believe people want to see these kinds of crimes up close and personal, but another reason is, very simply, because I’m not comfortable with it myself. As a writer, I try always to be bold and unflinching but there are times when I have to just kind of walk away and leave the details to the readers’ imaginations.
Another matter that can make an author emotional is killing off a character that they’ve become strongly attached to. When you write a novel, you spend a great deal of time in the skins of your characters and even though you understand logically that these people are fictional, you also realize that many of them represent parts of yourself and that in some way, you become them – or maybe they become you. Either way, in those cases, putting a character through something painful can be pretty emotional. The good news is that when this happens, it creates a sense of vindication in the writer – it propels him or her to bring about justice, which is always very satisfying to the reader.


WeLoveQuality Books: Apart from writing what else are you passionate about?

Alistair Cross: There are a lot of things I enjoy – rock music, horror movies, cheese – but if there’s anything I’m truly passionate about outside of reading and writing, it’s my belief in the importance of following your dreams.
As someone who could have just as easily spent my life punching a time clock, I feel very strongly about identifying and utilizing natural-born talents. I believe we’re given our talents for good reason and I’m often curious about what the world would look like if everyone did the thing they knew they were born to do. Try to imagine a world where everyone followed their dreams and used their talents to their fullest ability. I think it would be a very different – and much better – place.
No matter who you are, you’ll never be good at everything, and you’re not supposed to be. But there’s something in this world that no one but you can do, and to deny that for fear of failure, laziness, the need for security or anything else is, to me, the ultimate shame.
While I’m not exactly old, I’m not really young either, and if I could go back and say anything to the younger me, I’d tell myself that fear is a liar – that no matter how impossible something seems, if you have the guts to go after it, your needs will be met, the teachers will appear, and the doors will be opened. It’s all very cliche, and for good reason, because it also happens to be true.


WeLoveQuality Books: Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, how did you get over it?

Alistair Cross: I can honestly say that, no, I’ve never experienced writer’s block, and my best guess as to why is that I’m always too interested in the story I’m telling to stop and think about how I should tell it. For me, writing is all about trust. Trusting the process, trusting the characters, and trusting your instinct allows you to unconsciously connect the dots that will ultimately create a cohesive, compelling, and finished novel. The subconscious mind is amazingly efficient – it wants to work your story out – and while I’ve never experienced it myself, my guess is that writer’s block is the result of the conscious mind having gotten too involved in the process.


WeLoveQuality Books: Please tell us about the other novels that you have written apart from your latest one?

Alistair Cross: As Thorne & Cross, I’ve co-authored three novels so far with bestselling horror author, Tamara Thorne. We intend to continue working together ’till the end of our days. Our first release, The Cliffhouse Haunting, is a classic ghost story that also merges with high comedy and murder mystery. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun writing anything as Cliffhouse; there were some serious laugh-until-your-nose-bleeds moments in that one.
Our next venture, ‘The Ghosts of Ravencrest’, is unique in a few different ways. First, it’s a serialization, which means that new installments are released about every six weeks. Once the story arc is completed, it’s compiled into a full-length novel. We’re currently wrapping up the second full book in the series, The Witches of Ravencrest. We expect it to be out this summer. The other thing that’s special to us about Ravencrest is that it’s very much a gothic (which Tamara and I both teethed on). It complete with an innocent governess, the enigmatic handsome millionaire who employs her, a hostile head housekeeper and, of course, a very old and very haunted manor. Ravencrest allows us to explore the mysteries of existence, which is something neither of us can get enough of.
Our third novel ‘Mother’ is a little different because it’s a straightforward psychological thriller. Rather than ghosts and the supernatural, Mother deals with human monsters – specifically the monsters that you look at every day, the ones you don’t realize are monsters until you get too close. We wanted Mother to be a deviation from the supernatural because we felt that it was important to establish early on that we intend to write in a variety of genres. We’re currently making plans for our next psychological thriller, which will likely feature Father Andy Pike, one of our favorite characters from Mother.
Later this year, Tamara and I will release a vampire novel called ‘Darling Girls’, which serves as a sequel to Tamara’s novel, ‘Candle Bay’, as well as my own novel, ‘The Crimson Corset’.
As a solo author, I’ve written two books aside from The Angel Alejandro. The first, of course, being The Crimson Corset, which is my take on vampires. The Crimson Corset is very special to me, not only because it was my first solo publication, but also because I absolutely love the story. Under all the fangs and blood, The Crimson Corset is about life and death, love and hate, good and evil, obsession and addiction, downfall and redemption, and family ties. As a side note, The Crimson Corset introduces Nick Grayson, who plays a significant role in The Angel Alejandro.
My second solo contribution is a collection of poetry called ‘The Book of Strange Persuasions’ which, after years of swearing I’d never allow, was published in 2016. Strange Persuasions is a compilation of poetry that I began writing many years ago, and is broken into four parts devoted to topics like relationships, horror, and sex.

WeLoveQuality Books: This is very interesting! Where can we get your books from?

Alistair Cross: The best way to find everything in one place is at my website: You’ll find all the books on the “Library” page, lots of writing tips and tricks under “On Writing,” and on the “Thorne & Cross” page, you can check out the guest list featuring each of the authors we’ve interviewed on our horror-themed radio show, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my work. I enjoyed it very much.
The Angel Alejandro
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