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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

There are millions of books to choose from. Why would you pick up a certain book and give it a read? After all, it takes time, effort and sometimes money to a book and then read it! Is it purely on the impulse of a book lover? Or is there a systematic book review technique that […]

Book-Review for The Purple Light_

Book Review: The Purple Light by Anthony Taylor

Title:  THE PURPLE LIGHT: AN HERB AND LIFE ENTHUSIASTS SURVIAL GUIDE Author: Anthony Taylor Number of pages: 168 pages ISBN: 9780359415151   The Purple Light: An Herb And Life Enthusiasts Survival Guide is a spiritual and inspirational novel written by author Anthony Taylor. Author Anthony Taylor talks about how he encountered the Purple Light in […]

Exit Velocity_Author_Simon_Pearce

Book Review: Exit Velocity (The Spotlight Tales Book 2) by S Pearce

Title:  Exit Velocity (The Spotlight Tales Book 2) Author: S Pearce Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited Number of pages: 112 pages   ASIN: B079R3VTVP   Exit Velocity is the second book in The Spotlight Tales Series. The book is written by the prolific author, S Pearce. Have you ever read a novel without realising […]

Orion t00he Star: The Pink Dolphin_Jamie Skeie

Book Review: Orion the Star:The Pink Dolphin

  Title: Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin Author: Jamie Skeie Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited Publication Date: January 10, 2019 Number of pages: 29 pages ASIN: B07MG2TQ5J   Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin is a children’s book written by author Jaime Skeie. The book, Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin is a […]

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